Flying Machine Competition

The New York Nineteenth Century Society presents its 1st annual Model Flying Machine Competition!

above_and_beyond_the_oldest_powered_flying_machine_MAIN                                                                            LeBris1868

Sunday, April 28th 1: 45 p.m.- 3:00 p.m

Old Stone House – Washington Park
336 3rd Street
Park Slope – Brooklyn, NY 11215

We are all familiar with the Wright brothers, but did you know that they were preceded by over a century of serious attempts at creating a flying machine? Some more successful than other and all leading the way to the Wright’s early 20th century success.  The New York Nineteenth Century Society welcomes inventors, designers, aeronauts, and dreamers of all ages to try their best for science, glory, and of course prizes, to re-create a pre-Wright brother’s design or enter one of their own creations. This event is open to both heavier-than-air, AND lighter-than-air model of all scales.

The competition has two categories: Longest linear flight and Most maneuverable.  There is an under-14-years-of- age, and an over-14-years-of-age group in both categories.

Here are the rules:
1- All models must be original creations or scratch built. No ready-made, pre assembled, kit-bashed, or ARF’s (almost ready to fly) aircraft are permitted.
2- Radio control aircraft are permitted.
3- Late 20th/early 21st century composites and polymers cannot make up more than 20% of the aircraft. This rule does not apply to any glues used to assemble the craft or in the materials used in motors, servos, or batteries (obviously).
4- 80% of the airframe, gas cells (as in dirigibles) or propulsion device (propellers and such) must be made from materials that were common place in the 19th century ie. wood, paper, canvas, etc.
5- The decision of the judges is final. They reserve the right to amend, change, add-to, or modify the above rules as they see fit.
6- There is NO entry fee.
7- This competition is open to ALL contestants who meet and agree to the above terms and are ready to fly (or attempt to fly) at the designated time and location above.
8- There is NO rain date.


     Contest1                                      Henson

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